Rooms and Rates

A hostel in Rio de Janeiro typically offers 4, 6 and 8 bed dorms, both Mixed and Female-Only.  They will also usually offer a Private Double room. All should come with comfortable mattresses, pillows and all the linens you need.

Dorm Rooms

Dorm Beds have personal reading lights, under-bed lockers and free linens; if you didn’t bring one, ask for a fresh towel to use. Dorm beds are big enough so you can sit completely upright, not like some hostels that have bunk beds for kids and bad mattresses that make you feel like you slept on a bunch of rocks. A nice addition are under-bed lockers big enough for tall backpacks.  Here are some rates that you can expect to pay at a hostel in Ipanema:

20-bed dorm, $40BR per person
8-bed room, $50BR per person
4-bed room, $60BR per person
Private Double, $150BR total

Private Rooms

Double Private Rooms. We know that sometimes you need a little privacy on the road.  Ideal private rooms come with a desk, reading lights, TV and DVD player. It’s also nice to have a collecton of DVDs to watch in the common room.


You can book online or call the hostel directly to make a reservation. All rates should include tax.

Normally, breakfast, internet, WiFi for your laptops or phones, under-bed lockers, day storage, maps, travel assistance, linens, towels, kitchen use and the pool table are included in the price!


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