Rio For Holiday Travels

Place on the earth where hill and heaven exist together side by side. An option to reach Rio de Janeiro is by cruising. With cruisers you can fill Rio de Janeiro even before you step on Brazilian soil. If there was a lottery from the Lord while he created the world than wins Rio!

It’s the city of opposites, wealth and poverty in one place side by side. Traveling guide agencies recommend being careful on the Rio’s streets, not wearing jewel outside and not walking on the sandy beaches during the night. But who cares? When you walk in Rio none of this will not care. You will not feel like a tourist.

That is the magic of Rio. Rio de Janeiro with his more than 6 million habitants and 59 km long beach’s the most visited city in the southern hemisphere.

Rio de Janeiro literally means River of January. So that when the Portuguese entered for the first time in the gulf between the volcanic rocks were thinking that it is a river, and give the name Rio de Janeiro (River of January). It was in January 1562. At that time Salvador was the capital but because of Rio’s good geographical position on the Atlantic ocean Rio takes the primacy as capital since 1763 till 1960.

The most suitable time for holiday travel in Rio would be summer. Naturally to being mentioned, most known beach in the world Copacabana, it’s 6 km long from one side and above it’s the first cable car in the world of 1912 still connects the volcanic rocks, best known among them Sugarloaf mountain. From the other side Corcovado Mountain with the Christ the Redeemer statue one of the seven wonders. While Christ the Redeemer seems to embrace every one of the travelers who come to, bellow is city in the middle of the jungle, or much better jungle surrounded by the city. Beaches and oceans are everywhere between.

Rio’s visit is not complete without mentioning the carnival. The carnival itself has rich history with the roots even from 18th century. In that time immigrants from Portugal brought festival known as Entrudo, and it was enough to start the legend. Also worth noting when it comes to Rio Carnival history is the emergence of the city’s samba schools. Carnival and samba are one of the biggest tourist attractions. Today’s legend is trinity of Rio, carnival and the samba. None of them can live without each other.

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