How to Best Experience the Rio De Janeiro Carnival

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• The Samba Schools Parade
The parade in Rio is a hot spot for people from all over the world. It is broadcast live to a plethora of countries and all states in Brazil. While seeing it on TV is entertaining, it’s nothing compared to the real experience. Usually, between 12 and 14 Schools perform on Sunday and Monday of Carnival weekend, beginning at 6pm and ending as late as 7am; a true samba marathon full of energy with School participants constantly interacting with the audience. But the parade is also a competition, as these schools are judged on many aspects leading to a Carnival champion of the year. In addition, each year one school is downgraded from the special to the access group, and vice-versa. Representing your school of choice or watching the parade in the Sambodrome stands is a guaranteed amazing experience. Visit here for Rio Carnival Package Hostel. So, do not miss it!

• Street Carnival
Since its beginning, Carnival has been famous for its street parties. Many neighborhoods in Rio have created “Blocos de Carnaval”, which are organized groups of people celebrating carnival on the streets of Rio. These are free events and are characterized by its relaxed music and huge bands that follow the “blocos”. Families and kids are the core elements of “blocos” and are very welcome. So dress in your costume and come have the time of your life for free, surrounded by passionate Brazilians and energetic people from all over the world!
Party Arrangements
• When
In Brazil, Carnival is celebrated during various weekends each year. The formal and expected date for Carnival is always 40 days before the Catholic holiday. For example, in 2012, Carnival will be celebrated from February 18th to 21st, while this year it was between March 5th and 8th. Get ready and book your 2012 Rio de Janeiro Carnival trip as soon as possible!

• Plan ahead
Carnival is considered the most beloved party on Earth and coordinating arrangements in a timely manner is crucial. In fact, many discounts are offered by travel agencies when a trip is booked between September and October of the previous year. The earlier you plan, the cheaper it will be. There are several types of vacation packages offered for Carnival in Rio. Mostly, they differ between the prices for the Samba Schools Parade; the largest even of the Brazilian Carnival. Prices are based on the Stadium seats locations (the Sambodrome). For those wanting to participate at the parade, the prices are higher and participants should be ready to dedicate themselves to the Samba School they will be representing, with energy and enthusiasm. Remember, the Samba School parade is a competition among communities and is taken very seriously.

• Where to Stay
Rio de Janeiro’s famous beaches, such as Copacabana and Ipanema, its forests and beautiful bays give a special touch to one of the largest metropolis on earth; all blessed under the world’s famous Christ statue on the top of Corcovado Mountain. Therefore, while planning your Carnival trip, check into Best Hostels in Rio de Janeiro that offer a vast selection of touristic tours to enhance your stay and create an unparalleled experience in Rio.

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