Oxi in Rio de Janeiro

Oxi, the deadly and highly addictive drug, is a mix of cocaine paste, gasoline, kerosene, quicklime and some are mixed with cement and sulfuric acid. It has reached Niterói in Rio de Janeiro. Eighteen oxi stones were seized and a suspected dealer was arrested during an operation executed by the 79th precinct of the Civil Police in Niterói.

In the favela Jacarezinho in Zona Norte (North Zone) of Rio, in an area called ‘Cracolândia’, the police are also on a major alert. During a recent police investigation, the police arrested sixty suspected crack addicts, including sixteen children and adolescents. By organizing regular police actions and removing addicts, the department hopes to eventually rid the area of drug addicts. Want to know how to get a room for carnival rio? Read here.

José Beltrame, the Secretary of Security, confirmed that oxi has reached the state of Rio de Janeiro. Beltrame said the police will do its part in fighting the drug, but he also needs work of other institutions: “The fight against drugs not only involves security to stop this new substance from emerging, but it also depends on the treatment of addicts. We must be prepared to face oxi.”

Oxi is a cheaper than crack. It looks like a little rock and it is smoked in a makeshift pipe or rolled up in a cigarette. It sells for about R$2 (US$1.20) per stone. It is much cheaper than the regular street value of crack of R$10 (US$6.30).

Oxi reaches the brain faster than cocaine or crack, which is according to psychiatrist from the Rehabilitation Clinic Greenwood in São Paulo, Pablo Roig. Roig told the Brazilian press: “Cocaine is snorted through the nose and has to go through the blood to reach the brain.

Therefore, it takes longer to have effect than crack and oxi, which are inhaled into the lungs and reach the brain within seconds”.

Depending on the person, oxi provides sensations that can go from joy and relief to anxiety and paranoia. Because of the high toxic levels of the substance, it is highly addictive and far more destructive to the body than crack, heroine or cocaine. Save more during your stay in Rio de Janeiro. Avail the rio carnival package hostel here.

Oxi damages the lips, taste buds, and teeth. Then other organs are started to get affected, like the liver and the kidneys. Once the kidneys shut down, the body cannot eliminate toxins from the blood, causing nausea, diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. Addicts are also more vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes.

Roig added, “People can use crack at least five to six years, but thirty percent of oxi users may well be dead after one year,”.

The researcher who helped conduct the first study of oxi in 2005, Alvaro Mendes, said “This can no longer be called only an Amazon drug for the poor. It’s also now being used more and more by middle and upper-middle class.” Mendes also adds: “In the fifteen years I have been working with chemical dependency, I have never seen a drug with such a potential of destruction as oxi.”

Most Recommended Beaches of Rio De Janeiro

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The Brazilian coastline lays thousands of beaches that are globally renowned for its attractive sand dunes stretching their way to the sea, their rows of coconut trees along the sandy coast, long stretches of black, white, red and bright shimmering sands, and colorful corals. The beaches of Rio by nature’s design and status are outstanding. Considered among the best urban beaches in the world, their landscapes offer waves for surfers and serene beaches with emerald coves for memory making vacations. Private infrastructure has created world-class restaurants, shops and cafes which are attributed with adding elegance and glamorous glory this makes Ipanema different from its neighbor. It is one of the most luxurious places to live in Rio de Janeiro. You will become accustomed to different kinds of surfers and sun lovers at the beach. Two mountains called Dois Irmãos which means Two Brothers rise to the west end of the beach, and are divided by segments that are marks as “postos” or lifeguard towers. Beer is sold everywhere on the beach in a traditional cachaca. There are always circles of people playing soccer, volleyball, and footvolley. Footvolley, if you are not familiar with the term is a combination of volleyball and football that originated in Brazil. Culturally and socially diverse, Ipanema Beach offers an area called the Gay Beach, located in the area near lifeguard tower 9 and near the street of Farme de Amoedo. This is designated as a gay friendly area symbolized by a rainbow flag flying in the air. Just west of this colorful section and towards Leblon is another popular stretch of sand known as Post 10, where young hipsters and often beautiful Carioca and women gather to enjoy Ipanema. Copacabana – First in our minds when thinking of Brazilian beaches, Copacabana and the hotel it was named for are situated on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro . This beach is both wide and long, stretching almost 3 miles from where fishing boats are beached to the peninsula that separates it from Ipanema. Swimming in blue waters, sunbathing on the sun-baked sand, kicking around a soccer field in a soccer game or volleyball game on the beach, all of these can be done here. This beach was named for the prominent and most distinguished Copacabana Palace Hotel which opened in 1920 and still attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. The attractiveness of the large white sand beach, the friendly people, the all night parties, the beauties in bikinis, sumptuous restaurants, bars and music clubs and night clubs, all at very reasonable prices, are just few good reasons why a vacation in Copacabana is more than just a day at the beach! Leblon Beach is also near Ipanema. Leblon and Ipanema are one large beach separated by a small park, Allah’s Garden. It has the same diverse atmosphere, but much less crowded and much more family oriented. This beach is very popular with female tourists and families because of its sense of comfort and safety. Leblon is a peaceful retreat without sacrificing comfort. Your children may experience the playground Baixo Baby Leblon, which is a well-stocked playground for children to enjoy the beach on their own terms. What is not very popular among the tourist is the place at the end of Leblon that is called “satemo ceu” or “Seventh Heaven”. The view is from a huge granite rock with a spectacular view of beaches and mountains. For safety purposes, directions are not provided here as the zone can be a bit rough and you might get lost. Local taxi drivers know the way and it’s really worth visiting. The beaches of Rio have their own charms and travelers should embrace the culture of this area as well. Most of these beaches are easily accessible by public transport; a few are very remote, isolated, untouched and unspoiled by human hands. I can assure you that you’ll love every beach destination you choose since all of them have their own sense of history and appeal. For Best Hostels in Rio de Janeiro, read here.

Food Trip in Rio de Janeiro

My last visit to one of the most spectacular cities in the world was last July and exactly like every time, I spent my way back to Europe thinking that, sooner or later, I will go to live there.

With deep trust on indigenous, I started asking everybody where I could find a good place to eat and every time the answer was a prompt: at Marius of course! Curious by such enthusiasm I decided to give the so-called top restaurant of the city a try. Beautifully set in front of Leme Beach, adjoining to the worldwide famous Copacabana, it’s by no means the run-of-the-mill example of a five-star restaurant.

As soon as you reach the longed spot after a battle in Rio’s traffic, you’ll find yourself facing the first hard choice of your adventure: fish or meat? In fact, apparently for the endless variety in the menu, there are two versions of the same restaurant, one beside the other. In a typical Brazilian style, your journey will start with a never-ending buffet with all sort of appetizers, starters and dishes.

But Rio de Janeiro offers an impressive range of restaurants, for every taste, pocket and style. One of my favourite lunches is in the typical “Galletos” places that you can easily find all over the city. The last one I visited is in Ipanema, precisely in Rua Visconde de Pirajà. It’s in a corner and in its simple façade a big menu is shown. Basically, you will have half chicken well spit-roasted and a consistent side course at your choice.

The choice is various and colourful, where we can match the chicken with farofa, rice, beans, salad and so on. My drink is of course Guaranà. The price is around eight reals per person, which means around three euro for a portion I had hard time to finish. I go very often to Brasil and its galletos are for sure on my to-do-list.

From luxurious restaurants to simple bistros, from genuine ‘lanchonetes’ to ‘coconut stands’, all over the city the possibilities to get refreshed are countless and everywhere the warmth of brazilian weather and people will make you feel at home.
While you are enjoying the best “Farofa” you have ever had, charming waiters will succeed each other with traditional and brand new choice of spit-roasted churrasco in the “meat-version” of the restaurant.

If, instead, you’ve chosen fish, after tackling a swordfish-based ‘muqueca’ and a ‘catupiri’ with small, delicious prawns, I feel compelled to mention the toilets: they definitely are worth a visit. Ground and sinks filled with mock-precious stones, characteristic fish-shaped taps and heady incense perfume. Miles far away from the classic conception of restaurant, Marius is the latest generation of luxurious holiday destinations.


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Visiting Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – “The Marvelous City”


Looking for place to travel? Place where it is worth for a life time achievement that you have gone to. Bring your self in the best place that you can relax, exploring cultures, having tours in the best spots and scenery in a place.

If you are looking for a city that is world famous for its partying opportunities, look to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This beautiful city, complete with its scenery, friendly residents and exciting night life create an atmosphere that can be found nowhere else in the world. To vacation here, however, you will need to have a passport but don’t worry about that. A passport application can be completed online and printed out quickly and easily. Want to visit the festive carnival in rio de janeiro? Read here.

The passport procedures used to be complicated and time-consuming but passport websites have revolutionized all of that. Even if you find you have a U S online passport renewal emergency, one of these fabulous sites can get you exactly what you need when you need it in a professional, secure manner.

One of the best ways to experience the Brazilian culture is by participating in some of the world-famous festivals that take place in the city. Of course, the most famous of these festivals is Carnaval. Beautifully ornate costumes, choreographed dance, and crazy parties in the street characterize this festival, and because it’s globally regarded as one of the best parties in the world, experiencing it for yourself is a must. Other festivals include the more traditional Cordao do Bola Preta, the Simpatia e Quase Amo, and the Banda de Ipanema.


The beautiful beach of Rio is certainly a big part of the attraction this city holds. Two of the most popular beaches here are Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach. One visit will cause you to quickly understand why they have the reputation for being among the most beautiful worldwide.

If you are fortunate enough to visit this beautiful city, you must not miss the well known landmarks and monument to be found here. Corcovado Mountain is home to the famous Cristo Redentor statue translated “Christ the Redeemer”. Standing 125 feet and named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, this imposing likeness watches over the city. Another mountain to be visited is Pao de Acucar or Sugarloaf Mountain which provides beautiful views of the city. Want to stay in rio carnaval $10 night? Read more info here.

An unusual characteristic of this city is its upscale neighborhoods. Bohemian Lapa, traditional Santa Teresa, majestic Barra de Tijuca and quaint Ilha Fiscal are just a few of the areas that await your exploration. An independent tour taken on foot or by bike will provide a wonderful experience in Brazilian life and provide an array of memorable photographs to take home and share.

Unlike so many large cities comprised of more concrete than anything else, Rio is home to numerous parks and open spaces that beacon the weary traveler to rest and reflect on the events of the day. One of the best known of these parks is Jardim Botanico which is laden with exotic palms from all over the world and is inhabited by numerous monkeys. Be sure to look up when you hear a rustling in the trees and get acquainted with these animal residents who call this beautiful park their home.

If you have the financial ability to travel the world, you are luck indeed but no matter your station in life, international travel can be accomplished with a little planning as long as you have a passport.


Sizzling Hot Brazilian Ladies in Rio

Being good in English written and/or oral is a great advantage of a person. Having an English tutorial makes more of a by-product of teaching English. However, more often than not, this basically becomes the precise situation. If you are teaching English in Rio de Janeiro, you are quite likely to be paid by gorgeous women to come to their apartments or hotels and talk to them. It is more conducive to study and to teach when you are in a great place that you can say to your self that this is a” wow” paradise.

If you look at things from an economic standpoint, Rio de Janeiro is developing at a rapid pace and Brazil is becoming a bigger player on the world stage. As a consequence, Brazilians have become quite motivated to learn English so they can interact on the international markets. Conveniently, it just so happens that Brazilian girls tend to be quite gorgeous. The economic state of Rio de Janeiro is rapidly fluctuated into more progressive place where everybody aims to be part of it.

Most likely your clients will be concentrated in the south zone. Places like Copacabana and Ipanema. You will find yourself going to, apartments, hotels, flats, and rentals. Usually you need to make accommodations to your students daily schedules since they are likely business professionals, doctors, lawyers and such. Though, you need to keep in mind that you’re not here on a vacation or a holiday. You’re working! Want to stay in rio carnaval $10 night? Read more info here.

You must stay aware of some of the problems to this. As you travel between the hotels and apartments of your appealing pupils, you must keep things in equilibrium. Though, some students, it will be quite tempting to make accommodations for extracurricular activities it can become difficult if this is your sole source of income. Because likely, you will be giving up the student as a source of income and it will be necessary for you to seek out another piece of real estate. So if you think you are going to indulge yourself, just make sure the financial forfeit you could possibly make is going to be worth it.

Though the life in Rio de Janeiro can be complicated, it will certainly be useful. With a little bit of resourcefulness you can make things better. You can offer to have lessons on the beaches such as Ipanema or Copacabana, luring your attractive pupils from their flats and rentals into a more “comfortable” environment. Did you know about the hostels rio de janeiro? Read more about it here.