Carnival in Rio

Held at the peak of the Brazilian summer the Carnival is Rio de Janeiro’s main event. A million tourists join millions of Rio de Janeiro citizens in revelry over a 4-day celebration. It begins on a Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before the beginning of the Christian period of Lent, Ash Wednesday.

The Sambodromo (Samba Parade) is the highlight of the carnival. Many people call it “the greatest show on earth”. The parade is broadcast in many countries and all Brazilian states. The main attraction is the sounds and sights of the parading samba schools that continue till daybreak. Only the 14 best samba schools are selected to parade through the Sambodromo. Each samba school has an elaborately decorated float, often accompanied by sensuous females vibrating to the hypnotic music. The floats are accompanied by marching samba bands of up to 300 musicians surrounded by female dancers.

Attend various street carnivals that are held all over the city. It was founded in 1964 and is now listed as part of the city’s cultural heritage, attracting as many as fifteen thousand people. Banda de Ipanemais is one of the most traditional street carnivals.

Carnival balls are also offered in Rio. The Masquerade balls are celebrity-attended affairs where merrymakers wear designer costumes and party into the wee hours. The most famous ball is held at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. A typical Carnival Ball features live music. Bands take turns playing on stage, often accompanied by a guest vocalist.

Brazilian carnival traditions and African dance, music and costume history have some similarities. Africans used feathers on masks as a symbol of their ability as humans to rise above problems and grow spiritually. Feathers are often used in today’s Brazil Carnival dance costumes.

Most tourists plan their Brazillian vacation around the Carnival dates, as it is considered a very delightful and unforgettable experience.

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Professional Guides For Rio Tours

People from across the world love to travel to this city of pleasure and enjoy a great time staying here. When you are in Rio and want to enjoy the city and its tourist attractions to the fullest, you need someone to show you around. Without professional guides, your Rio tour will remain incomplete.

If looking for a professional guide, the first option is to search the travel websites. These travel websites not only give you all the relevant information about Rio but also give you options in choosing Rio guides for Rio de Janeiro tours.

The very popular option is to search through search engines. Shortlist a few guide services, check them up and hire one of them for the tour. Some people even go to the extent of short listing some of the common search results and making a list out of that. If you have the time you can do this activity.

Another option is to look for article websites or blog sites. The good part of these articles and blogs is that they contain content written both by promoters as well as travelers to Rio. Hence, you get a firsthand knowledge about choosing professional Rio guides for Rio de Janeiro tours.


Without using the Internet, you will get information about Rio guides for Rio de Janeiro tours talking to others. While you may find it awkward but there are people who call up others who have written about their Rio travelogue and get information from them. As for you, we are quite sure that you will find someone you know who has traveled to Rio and dealt with some travel guide there, it being such a popular destination.

Finding Rio guides is easy. All you need is some investment in time. Believe me, there can be no better experience exploring Rio than traveling along with a professional and English speaking Rio travel guide.

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Finding a Rio Tourguide Through Internet

Finding a Rio Tourguide Though Internet

There are thousands of these guides all over Brazil and they ensure that their clients have the best of time in this beautiful country full of beautiful people.

It is highly recommended that you travel to Brazil or Rio only when you have a professional tourguide Brazil or a tourguide Rio de Janeiro at your service.Given below are three ways you can choose one online.

1. Travel sites and search engines

The easiest way, of course, is to check out the various travel websites and search engines. The travel websites will not only give you an in depth information about Rio but also tell you about the places to stay and the places to visit. Some of these travel websites will give you direct links and banner advertisements that take you to websites of more than one tourguide Brazil or a tourguide Rio de Janeiro.

2. The personal websites

Any professional tourguide Brazil or a tourguide Rio de Janeiro is bound to have their footprint on the WWW. The highest amount of business is garnered by those guides that have their own websites. Once you visit the website, you get an idea of the professionalism of the guide by simply looking at the quality of the website. If it’s a well-designed and neat looking website, you have probably visited a professional guide.

3. Articles and blog websites

Articles and blogs are important when it comes to finding a professional tourguide Brazil or a tourguide Rio de Janeiro. There will be many travelers to Rio who would share their experience of the travel in the form of articles and blogs. They are also bound to mention their experience of their guide. It is from these articles and blogs that you will be able to find professional guides in Brazil and Rio.

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The Popularity of Rio

Rio de Janeiro has a long historical chapter and the city’s overall GDP is the second largest in the country. The city is of great importance as far as the economic and financial stability is concerned and has a major role in the country’s trade and development. The attractions in this city mainly include beaches as most of the Brazilian people like to get involve in beach related activities as this is considered to be the greatest source.

Travelers can find any mean of interest while flying to this beautiful destination using different airlines of the world. Some of the major natural attractions in this charming city include Carnival celebrations, Samba, Bossa Nova, beaches, and local food.

Apart from this there are so many beautiful places to visit for but normally travelers like to spend their time on beach surfing. Major beaches in Rio de Janeiro like Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Grumari, Barra da Tijuca, Joatinga Beach, and Prainha.

Some of those beaches are worldly popular and Rio de Janeiro is one of those destinations which possesses world’s most famous topless beaches with perfect glamorous conditions.

Lots of business professionals traveling to Brazil also visit this city because of its astounding attractions. The nightlife of this city is also quite lucrative and glamorous and you can find so many night and dance clubs, bars and food courts remained open quite late at night. You can visit this city at any time throughout the year but for this you have to make sure that you have purchased from your traveling date.

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A Trip in Rio De Janeiro

A paradise for people of every walk of life, that is Rio de Janeiro. It doesn’t matter if you like fishing, sailing, relaxing on the beach sipping various rum concoctions or practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu with the Gracie family. The sandy white beaches of Rio have something for everyone and chances are you will love your time there.What better place is there than Rio to go scuba diving and see some of the most spectacular sights in the known world then to return to the surface and ride the cable car atop Sugarloaf to see a 130 ft tall statue of Christ the Redeemer or O Cristo Redentor as the Portugese speaking Brazilian citizens fondly call it. It is a paradise to soak up the sun and learn to dance the fiery hot Samba or Bossa Nova.

For the men, there is a sea of beautiful women and considering there is Ipanema beach there you might find yourself humming that tune as you toast a cocktail with your new found love affair. Magic is simply in the air in Rio de Janeiro and there is no question as to why. It is interesting to point out that it was once the capital city of Brazil and once again it doesn’t seem to be the biggest surprise.

Carnival is one of the most amazing festivals on the planet, a much more risque and provocative event compared to Mardi Gras. Thousands of scantily clad women wearing large plumes on their heads and not much more otherwise than some floss and a nice smile. The music and dancing seems like a never ending parade to usher in yet another gorgeous year for a gorgeous travel destination.

It doesn’t matter if it is diving, climbing mountains, sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, or viewing one of the most spectacular events known on this amazing planet where we live, Rio De Janeiro has something for everyone. It is a small piece of heaven which should be witnessed by everyone at least once in life. So next time you think of an international paradise to visit, make sure to clear a week or two off of your calendar around the time Carnival occurs (which is usually during the month of February) and see the stuff dreams are made of. Also visit Rio de Janeiro’s other famous spots. Looking for best place to stay and relax? Visit Carnival in Rio.

The Danger of Rio de Janeiro

Gangsters operating as taxi drivers are the common criminal acts in Rio de Janeiro. According to the police investigating these crimes, there were so-called “pirate” taxis with the “clone” number plates which are difficult to be distinguished from the official ones coming on the line. Under the victims’ stories, in some minutes after getting in such a taxi the victim is driven in favela (the city slum) or other deserted place where the robbery is committed. After some unconfirmed data, over the last two months “the gang of taxi drivers” has murdered two people.

The City authorities appeal to the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro and tourists for prudence and vigilance and warn against using services of the “fake” taxi drivers. At the same time they could not explain distinctly how the can a passenger distinguish a “fake” taxi from the real one, as, parallel with “cloning” of number plates, the criminals make also forged licenses. The danger can be concealed in any of 5 thousand taxis operating in the city without the corresponding license, say the representatives of police.

It should pointed out, that in Brazil the urban transport is quite well developed. Buses are generally quite old and not so comfortable, drive with a speed not exceeding 60 km/hour. The underground is in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and the Sao Paulo. Extension of the tube is rather slender, but it is sufficiently modern and clean. And a taxi for your own safety you can order with the help of the hotel porter or on your own by phone (taxis equipped with radio are a bit more expensive). In the light of the later events you should not hail taxis right in the streets. But still, safe places to stay is just around the corners. Visit Hostel In Rio de Janeiro.

Carnivals at Rio De Janeiro

Most common answer why people visit a place is could be that they like to see different types of scenery or it may be that a certain place has some intriguing facts that they want to learn about. You could in fact class both museums and national parks in these categorizations. Then there are great sporting venues that people like to go and visit such as the FIFA World cup or the Olympic Games. Another place that people like to visit can be places that are always hosting great celebrations or festivals.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most famous places for hosting festivals and carnivals. The carnival originates from its old African/Portuguese roots and it is the culmination of these two distinct traditional cultures that first brought rise to the famous carnival as we know it today. At the start of the last Century a dance was introduced that we now know as the Samba which is now a traditional Brazilian dance.

The carnival itself starts a few days before Ash Wednesday and can last for anything up to two weeks. This is a marvelous spectacle as all the Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro parade along the streets whilst dancing to different theme based topics. These themes are generally about music or politics or the like.Each of the schools will perform their dances on their very own home made float as they follow the procession. The floats can sometimes take months to get the theme just right for the carnival.

The carnival will normally start at around 7 O Clock in the morning and can often last through until six o clock at night. This all depends on the number of Samba schools taking part in the carnival. If you want to experience the charm and culture of Brazil then the Rio de Janeiro carnival is a must for you. And check for Best Hostels in Rio de Janeiro.

The Marvelous City

Rio is one of the most visited destinations for holidaymakers in world. This city offers various sightseeing, many restaurants containing cuisines of different parts of world and a bouncing nightlife. Shortly called Rio, this city is famous for its breathtaking landscape, beach culture and its annual carnival.

Popularly known as “The Marvelous City” it offers a lot to do, see and explore to its visitors. Rio is mainly famous for its natural settings, its carnival celebrations, samba and other music, and hotel-lined tourist beaches, such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

Sports and activities are very popular. With its world famous beaches, splendid bay and wonderful climate, Rio has achieved a reputation as a great tourist destination.

The city is mainly famous for its beaches and some of the popular beaches are Ramos, Flamengo, Botafogo, Copacabana, Arpoador, Vermelha, etc. Beaches and carnival in Rio forms the major tourist attractions. Enjoy surfing and swimming on its sandy and sun drenched beaches. It also contains some spectacular geographic features which include Sugar Loaf Mountains, Corcovado Peak and hills of Tijuca. A ride to Sugar Loaf Mountains through cable car is quite popular among tourists.

Rio will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Christ the Redeemer is a well-known site in the city and forms a major landmark. The museums in the city have beautiful collections that help to relate Brazil’s 500 year history.

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Top Destination in Rio de Janeiro

Top Destination in Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer

Even if you know nothing about Brazil, you will probably already recognize the Christ the Redeemer statue when you first set eyes on it. This 39.6 meter-tall statue is the very emblem of the city, 635 tons of rock constructed into the form of Jesus Christ that towers above Rio. The statue is perched on top of Corcovado hill and you can visit it via railway to enjoy more spectacular views across the city.

Sugarloaf Mountain

The peak of Sugarloaf Mountain, or Po de Acar in Portuguese, stands 396 meters above the city and has been providing tourists with panoramic views of Rio for nearly a century since the first cable car was built in 1912. At the top you will find a range of exotic humming birds, monkeys, and lizards as well as the spectacular views. Watch the airplanes land at the airport, relax as the birds float past beside you, and enjoy this incredible setting for as long as you want before heading back down to the beach.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema is simply the best beach in Rio. Forget Copacabana: Ipanema is where it’s at. If you’re looking for the classic beach experience in Rio, complete with big waves, warm seas, and clean beaches, you can’t look further than here. Ipanema itself is also a great neighborhood where you’ll find plenty of good restaurants and bars.

Maracan Stadium

If you know anything about soccer then you’ve probably already heard of the famous Estdio do Maracan. This open-air stadium was constructed in 1950 for the soccer World Cup, when 200,000 spectators saw Brazil lose 2-1 to Uruguay. The whole country will be hoping that this vast stadium will provide them with some happier memories when Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup. Take a tour of the stadium if you want, but for the best experience you simply can’t beat watching a live match.

The Cathedral

The Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro is unlike most cathedrals in that it has a conical form. Dedicated to the country’s patron saint, Saint Sebastian, this mighty building can hold up to 20,000 people. Most impressive of all are the four stained-glass windows each 64 meters tall, which alone make the cathedral worth visiting on your next trip.


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Rio de Janeiro Bars

In Rio de Janeiro the bars are called botecos and are pretty simple institutions with bar food, cold beer and loud conversations. The atmosphere is extremely social and the locals love to have a cold beer with some friends here in the early evening. They are all not the same though and it´s the big variety that I find so attractive.

Bar do Mineiro is located in the charming bohemian neighbourhood Santa Teresa. Here you find big bearded men and paint stained artists debate and fraternize. It´s like someone has turned the clock back to the 1930´s. If you come to Rio this is definitely well worth a visit.

Bar do Getúlio in Catete. This area used to be quite fashionable back when Rio was capital but since it lost that status many of the governmental buildings lost their functions and the area has been in decline ever since. This bar is popular with musicians and cultural people and sometimes you have live samba here.

Belmonte in Copacabana just opened in 2005 and has ever since been popular. Copacabana has surprisingly few nice bars with atmosphere, most places are touristy and has no local feeling at all. In Belmonte you not only have a great atmosphere, the shrimp pastries are fabulous.

Mercado São José is located in between the neighborhoods Laranjeiras and Flamengo. Many small bars cluttered together in an old market building. Not so clean but very alive, the crowd is a mix of everything.

Last but not least there are quite a few so called cornerbars around. Little more than a whole in the wall these places serve as breakfast and lunch joints for workers, in the evening they turn in to local hangouts where you watch your football team play on a 14 inch TV. Nothing is cheaper and more local.

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