Brazil Travel for Adventure

Brazil is characterized by the extensive low-lying Amazon Rainforest in the north and a more open terrain of hills and low mountains to the south, home to most of the Brazilian population and its agricultural base.

Along the Atlantic seacoast are also found several mountain ranges, reaching roughly 9,500 ft (2,900 metres) high. There is general consensus, that Brazil has the highest number of both terrestrial vertebrates and invertebrates of any country in the world. Want to know how to get a room for carnival rio? Read here.

The beauty and their girls sensuality, their beautiful and converged beaches, full with visitors from all over the world, an excellent cuisine, the happiness of its people, represented in its carnivals, among others is some of the reasons for which we recommend you this earthly paradise

Brazil’s climate has little seasonal variation. In southern most Brazil, however, there is subtropical temperate weather, occasionally experiencing frost and snow in the higher regions. Precipitation is abundant in the humid Amazon Basin, but more arid landscapes are found as well, particularly in the northeast.

According to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Brazil has the ninth largest economy in the world at Purchasing Power Parity and eleventh largest at market exchange rates. Brazil has a diversified middle income economy with wide variations in development levels. Most large industry is agglomerated in the South and South-East. The North-East is the poorest region of Brazil, but it is beginning to attract new investment. Did you know about the hostels rio de janeiro? Read more about it here.

Rio in November Highlights 2

2009 is the “French Year in Brazil” so normally, November will celebrate this event. If you did not know what this celebration is about, FYB started with a show of pyrotechnics from group F on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The venue for FYB is Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro.

Iupac Rio 2009 is the 3rd International Workshop on Crop Protection Chemistry in Latin America. Students and researchers from different areas of the world talk about the most recent discoveries in the biotechnology of agriculture and debates about human protection in relation to agrochemicals. The venue for this event is Firjan – Av. Graça Aranha, 1 – 2º e 4º andares – Centro.

5th Degusta Rio. In this event wine distributors, vineyards and cafes owners as well as Carioca restaurant and bars owners take part in talks, workshops and varied gastronomic attractions. The venue for this event is Cais do Porto – Armazém 2 – Av. Rodrigues Alves, s/nº – Centro.

Construct Rio de Janeiro 2009 is being held for architects and engineers. In partnership with the exhibiting companies, there will be quick courses about new products as well as available techniques on the market. The venue for this event is Riocentro – GL Events Centro de Convenções – Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Pavilhões 1, 2, 3 e 4 – Jacarepaguá.

The International Television Festival 2009 will show original programs, allowing the public a firsthand view of what will be on TV in the following years. The venues for the ITF 2009 are spread through the entire city.

The AAPG (American Association of Oil Geologists) Congress will be held in November at Riocentro – GL Events Centro de Convenções – Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Pavilhões 1, 2, 3 e 4 – Jacarepaguá. The purpose for this congress is to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to inspire high professionalism and to promote technology.

Proclamation of the Brazilian Republic a very important historical event is the place where civil and military ceremonies will commemorate the Declaration of the Brazilian Republic. The venue for this event is Museu da República – Rua do Catete, 153 – Catete.

Brazil Global Energy is the most important international energy event in Rio, created for debating issues as well as proposing alternatives in order to show the world, the most modern equipment and solutions for manufacturing, spreading and distributing energy. The venue is Centro de Convenções SulAmérica – Av. Paulo de Frontin, 1 – Cidade Nova.

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Top Luxury Get Away in Rio

The state of Rio de Janeiro is a top destination in Brazil for those looking for a vacation that’s anything but ordinary. Secluded beaches, eco-diversity, and luxury hotels decorate the landscape, but it’s still considered a well-kept secret. The definition of luxury travel is evolving. Today’s traveler is seeking solitude, escape, and something that feels authentic. They want to connect with locals, sample the native cuisine, and interact with nature. Areas outside the city of Rio de Janeiro combine all of that.

The following top destinations are conveniently located from Rio de Janeiro, and each offer something special. These relaxing settings were chosen based on their luxury accommodations, natural beauty, and authenticity.

Angra dos Reis – This archipelago, part of the famous “Green Coast” of Brazil. It has 2000+ beaches, and 365 islands to choose from and Brazilians say it has an island for each day of the year. Angra dos Reis offers plenty of upscale accommodations and luxury vacation homes, making it popular among wealthier Brazilians and international visitors alike. The largest island in the area is Ilha Grande. Focused on conservation and eco-diversity, this is a common stop where one can see numerous endangered species in a stunning preserved setting.

Búzios – This peninsula has over twenty beaches waiting to be explored and offers historical, cultural and ecotourism tours that will enlighten even the savviest traveler. The town of Búzios has become increasingly trendy over the years and caters to the most demanding guests with its luxury options. It has high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques along its cobblestone streets. Búzios also has a reputation as a party town, with many nightlife options

Paraty – The town is also part of the “Green Coast” of Brazil. Its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and cultural traditions are remnants of the past. This small town, formerly a fishing village, is an example of the new luxury – a place which provides authentic experiences, charm and style. Accommodations are rustic-chic, designed to coexist with the surroundings and capture Paraty’s essence. It’s also surrounded by miles of beaches and the Atlantic Rainforest, offering a unique blend of natural and historical sites.

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Sights and Activities in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city of Brazil. It is definitely the cultural capital and the most important transportation hub for international purpose, the city is a crowd puller with its mountains, beaches, and rain forests.

Must visit Places

- Zona Sul (south zone) to visit beaches and have sightseeing adventures

- Sugar Loaf Mountain gives such a wide view of the city that you would absolutely love climbing it.

- Sensorial Garden and the Orquidário. You would love to see these botanical gardens on a cloudy day with treetops protecting you.

- Bohemian localities of Santa Teresa. You can go there by an old yellow tram costing R$0.6/-

- Tijuca National Park. See waterfalls like Mayrink Chapel and Taunay Waterfall and many other attractions along the path.

- Cinelândia. See the Municipal Theatre and the National Library. The Fine Arts Museum here is also very interesting and all these places will make you learn more about the culture and history of Brazil

Must do Things

- Spend the days at sandy, turquoise watered beaches. The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema top the list of tourist-favorites.

- Snorkeling, surfing, strolling along the beach or enjoying a tan. it’s all up to you and your special partner.

- Visit Escola de Pao for an appetizing brunch or if you have a family, the Carolina’s offers heavy meals with something to suit every taste.

- Hiking in Tijuca’s rainforests for the adventure and the sight-seeing.

- Ride a train to Cosme Vlho to go up the Corcovado and enjoy the beautiful view beneath.

- Rent a bike and go easy from the beaches of Lagao to Lama. View the extremely expensive properties lining the coasts. Just make the trip on Sundays when some roads are closed and don’t wear expensive stuff.

Sports and Shopping

The Artisan Market of Fierre Hippie is a traditionally popular. It sells jewelry, clothes, decorations and other exhibits for you to take home as souvenirs. The Ipanema beach offers beach volley ball a traditional Brazil sport for you to play or just watch. You can go to Azeda beach to join die-hard surfers.


A cool place to join up-class bars and nightclubs alongwith Santa Teresa is the Rua Des Pedras. Restaurants, eateries, and live music are very easy to find in these places to enjoy your night.


Rio has a famous Carnival at Sambodromo where music schools perform.

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The Popularity of Rio

Rio de Janeiro has a long historical chapter and the city’s overall GDP is the second largest in the country. The city is of great importance as far as the economic and financial stability is concerned and has a major role in the country’s trade and development. The attractions in this city mainly include beaches as most of the Brazilian people like to get involve in beach related activities as this is considered to be the greatest source.

Travelers can find any mean of interest while flying to this beautiful destination using different airlines of the world. Some of the major natural attractions in this charming city include Carnival celebrations, Samba, Bossa Nova, beaches, and local food.

Apart from this there are so many beautiful places to visit for but normally travelers like to spend their time on beach surfing. Major beaches in Rio de Janeiro like Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Grumari, Barra da Tijuca, Joatinga Beach, and Prainha.

Some of those beaches are worldly popular and Rio de Janeiro is one of those destinations which possesses world’s most famous topless beaches with perfect glamorous conditions.

Lots of business professionals traveling to Brazil also visit this city because of its astounding attractions. The nightlife of this city is also quite lucrative and glamorous and you can find so many night and dance clubs, bars and food courts remained open quite late at night. You can visit this city at any time throughout the year but for this you have to make sure that you have purchased from your traveling date.

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Rio de Janeiro in May Part 2

Rio de Janeiro stands out from all of the other cities in the world as you very well read from the first part of our article, with its plentiful of events that occur each and every month throughout the entire year. This article we will continue to present other important events which we consider to be an eye grabber not only for locals but also for the thousands of tourists that pick Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as their vacation destination.

Mirian Stanescon-RORARNI will organize the “12th World Peace Crusade” on May 24. The objective of this great event which will be held by the gypsies in Brazil is to pay tribute to the Jews, native Indians, afro-descendents and of course, the gypsies. It’s showing solidarity towards the unity among all people, regardless of belief, religion, and social status.

The show will be started with an ecumenical gypsy mass – blessing, various shows, and exhibitions along with ethnic dances. Release of the Gypsy People’s primer, “The law in your hands”, which was written by Mirian Stanescon Batuli and produced by the Human Rights Department and supported by Ministry of Culture and SEPPIR – Celebration of National Gypsy Day. The venue for the event will be Parque Garota de Ipanema – Posto 7 – Rua Francisco Otaviano – Arpoado.

Sociedade Michelin de Partipações Indústria e Comércio Ltda. will organize the 2010 10th Challenge Bibendum in Rio de Janeiro from 30 May until 3 June this year. The theme for this edition is “rallying together towards a renaissance of road transport after the downturn”. The event will be held at Riocentro – GL Events Centro de Convenções – Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Pavilhões 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Jacarepaguá. “Challenge Bibendum merges the forces that will drive the future of road mobility – sustainability and technology. This powerful combination is good business, and it’s what we’ve been doing for decades.

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Rio De Janeiro Highlights in November 2010

Rio de Janeiro has to be one of the most exciting cities in the world, probably top 5. We all know the reasons why Rio is an extraordinary city but what makes it even more breathless is the fact that the city never sleeps, every day, every month in the city, something important is going on, and this “rule” applies to this November 2010. With this two-part article will point out what we consider to be the most important events that will occur in the eleventh month of this year. “Want to know where to find carnival package hostel in Rio de Janeiro?” Read here.

First, lasting between 4th and 6th November is the Rio Franchising Business. The fair will consist in promoting debates as well as workshops for the franchising service rendering, consultants and franchising networks besides a qualified public. It will be held at Riocentro GL Events Convention Center – Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Jacarepagua.

Rio de Janeiro will be the home of the 30th Latin American Annual Meeting of the Petrochemical Industry on November 6th. This meeting has become a reference in the industry through the years for generating businesses as well as promoting personal contact with manufacturing firms, clients and suppliers in the industry, not only in Latin America, but throughout the entire world. It will be held at Sofitel Rio de Janeiro – Av. Atlântica, 4.240 – Copacabana. November 9 will be the event’s door closing.

On November 17th Construct Rio de Janeiro 2010 a four day event will begin and dedicated to architects, engineers as well as other experts that are directly linked to civil engineering called Construct Rio de Janeiro 2010. There will also be quick courses on new products and available techniques on the market, besides updating of varied services in partnership with the exhibiting companies. The event shall be held at Riocentro GL Events Centro de Convencoes – Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 – Jacarepagua. “Read more about rio backpackers hostel here.”

Rio de Janeiro will celebrate Flag Day on November 19th. The Brazilian Flag is considered to be a true symbol of national unity and symbolizes respect for all the generations that have passed as well as the patriotism and traditions of national heroes who fought to maintain the integrity of the nation. The hymn to glorify the Brazilian flag was composed by Francisco Braga and the lyrics were written by poet Olavo Bilac. It was presented for the very first time in 1907 at the Benjamin Constant School right in the year when it was set aside that November 19th will be the official Flag Day, in promotion of Deputy Thomaz Cavalcanti. The venue for this event is Forte de Copacabana – Praça Coronel Eugenio Franco, 1 – Posto Seis -Monumento aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial – Av. Infante D. Henrique – Downtown. Civic and military ceremonies are scheduled at the Copacabana Fort, at the Monument to the Dead of World War II, and in the Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Park.

The second part of our article will review some of the most important events that will occur in November in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio Party Vacation

The most popular party destination in the world is Rio de Janeiro. The famous carnivals have become the legend in the celebration of art and culture in South America. The city has best dance schools, Latin music and beats are just infectious and every one joins in the fun and joy of life in here during the almost month long festivities. Since it was started 1912, the cable car ride has been attracting the hundreds of visitors. The famous statue of Jesus is one of the national symbols for Brazil somehow. The people here are fluent in the three languages, Spanish, English and the Portuguese. Language is not too big of a problem.

The sun setting doesn’t stop the Latin dance parties, infact they start with the night getting darker. The elaborate costumes and the tango music just add to the amazing end to the hard work that the locals do during the day. The eight’ wonder of the world, “Cristo Redentor” the statue of Christ, might make you not wish to leave there after words after seing the sunset near the statue.

The Tijuca rainforest is another must visit part in this city are the festivities, done for the celebration of the Indian tribal ritual these are most colorful and most enjoyable dance for anyone to come and join. The natural wonders like Cascatinha waterfall, Marapendi Wetlands, and the ride in the cargo train is another enjoyable experience, it leaves “Cosme Velho” station almost every hour. The world famous beauty clinic could be just the stop to have a little liposuction just for fun to get back to shape. There are other attractions like world famous spa and the wax treatments. The cooking classes are an enjoyable destraction too, you can always have meals and drinks like shrimp cocktails, batida de coco, peanut brittle and best caser salad every day here.

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Brazil: Rio De Janeiro Street-Art

Tourist activities that guides tell you to are really not needed to explore a city and understand its inhabitants’ way of life and culture. The best way to learn about a country’s history of course by visiting their museums and historic monuments, by mingling with locals, and observing how things are done can you only get a true feeling of what city’s life is by staying to hostel in rio de janeiro.

Become a “Carioca” yourself by wandering the streets of Rio de Janerio which is one of the most vibrant and attractive cities in Latin America, and straying away from crowds for authentic Brazilian experience.

The walls of Rio are covered with graffiti of all sizes, shapes, and colors for graffiti hunting. Unlike many others, dull grey and rain are not what characterize Rio! Admire the frescoes adorning the walls. Here, graffiti is an art and people generally respect the work of the painters. Some have a theme and some don’t, but many are truly fascinating and add a touch of color and art which contribute to make Rio one of the most exciting cities.

Largely unknown from tourists, Lagoa, Rio’s beautiful city lake, Parque de Catacumba offers a surprising combination of a park and open-air gallery. This lovely park is a pleasure to walk in if you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. The park features tropical plants and nature walks alongside dramatic sculptures by local artists. Don’t forget to take the steep trail that leads past bamboo groves to a viewpoint with spectacular views over the Lagao and out across to Ipanema. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of monkeys reclining on the park’s benches and exotic birds in the trees. Read more about  best hostels in rio de janeiro here.

Rio de Janeiro: Getting Ready for the 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro will make history in 2016 when they host the Summer Olympics. This will be the first time that the Olympics will be held anywhere in South America.

This is one of the most important chances for South America to become a power and worthy of being a host for other important events.

Brazil has already hosted other things, like the World Cup, in the past. The Olympics though will be a truly national stage for a few weeks, with the ability to change opinions on their country and continent. They wouldn’t want to mess it up.

Brazil now has about seven years to prepare. They don’t want to struggle like Athens and Beijing did when preparing for the event. Check different rio carnival package hostel here.

What I really hope for though is that someone as iconic as Pele to witness his country hosts the Olympics. His passion is a big part of why Brazil got the bid.

Beautiful and promising city with lots of best hostels in Rio de Janeiro. I know I personally am interested in the 2016 Olympics not only for sports, but for the showcase of a South American city. As our world moves forward, the Olympics could usher in the fact that South America is a wonderful part of the world, and might even be getting up to par with the likes of North America, Europe and parts of Asia.