Street Art in Rio

Street Art in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and attractive cities in Latin America. Become a “Carioca” yourself by wandering the streets of this colorful and cheerful capital, and straying away from the crowds to get an authentic experience.

One interesting thing that you can do is graffiti hunting. The walls of Rio are covered with graffiti of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some have a theme and some don’t, but many are truly fascinating and add a touch of color and art which contribute to make Rio one of the most exciting cities. Unlike many others, dull grey and rain are not what characterize Rio! Admire the frescoes adorning the walls. Here, graffiti is an art and people generally respect the work of the painters.


Sitting close to Lagoa, Rio’s beautiful city lake, Parque de Catacumba offers a surprising combination of a park and open-air gallery. Largely unknown from tourists, this lovely park is a pleasure to walk in if you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. The park features tropical plants and nature walks alongside dramatic sculptures by local artists. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of monkeys reclining on the park’s benches and exotic birds in the trees. Don’t forget to take the steep trail that leads past bamboo groves to a viewpoint with spectacular views over the Lagao and out across to Ipanema.

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