Works Available in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian economy has been independent by growing it everyday, but finding good jobs is still a privilege there. Brazil is famous for being the giant of South America, but even a giant had to be a baby someday. The simple Brazilian worker in Rio de Janeiro, the one fellow who doesn’t have enough education, either be in between jobs or maintaining many jobs in order to provide for their families. Like many other developing nations, Brazil is working its way towards a lower unemployment rate every year. But in Rio de Janeiro, the modest workers still have to scrape their way out. Want to visit the festive carnival in rio de janeiro? Read here.

But the most advantage if you’re a Brazilian and you have enough Education, it might not be hard to find a job and also to have a stable job in Rio de Janeiro. There are many developing areas that need workforce from abroad. Because of the small number of highly qualified workers in areas like technology for an instance, some employers prefer to import some of their needed “brains” from other countries.

If you are a worker in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil the minimum wage is set on $465,00 reais (Brazilian money) a month – around $235 in US dollars. Abundant graduates loooking for an internships dont have a salary but they can get for transportion and meal as well. The internet is wide spread and just like North Americans and Europeans, Brazilians applying or looking a job in online way. The quality of jobs is increasing with the access of internet becoming more of a regular item in everybody’s households. The fast growing businesses in Brazil pushed the businessmen and managers to dig for the most qualified workers in their company or anywhere.
The second largest city in brazil was Rio de Janeiro that maintained one of the largest number of businesses and the demand for a highly qualified workforce is also growing at the same time. Universities create a pressure to mold and to have a great product to be a worker someday Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Did you know where do backpackers stay during carnival rio? Know it here.

Events in Rio de Janeiro in June (part I)

Every year and every month, the city of Rio de Janeiro is the home of many interesting and exciting events, and this year in June, there is no exception to this rule. This year we have the 2010 World Cup held in Africa and Brazil will be playing its first match on June 15th at 3.30 PM against North Korea. On June 20th, Brazil will stand up against the Ivory Coast and the last game from the group, against Portugal, will be played on June 25th. With this occasion, the city streets will be completely decorated in green and yellow as the cariocas will be preparing for a 6th World Cup Championship.

This June, the city of will be the home of the 4th of Rio Folle Journee, an event characterized by getting involved with a theme or work of a major composer. The Brazilian edition of the event, originally created in France, dedicates this edition to the bicentenary of the birth of Frédéric Chopin, celebrated in 2010. Six great pianists have been invited, among which are Abdel El Bacha, (French-Lebanese), Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, Anne Queffélec and Philippe Gisuano, (French), Momo Kodama (Japanese) and Iddo Bar-Shai (Israeli).

Another major event this June is the Athens Circuit, a marathon that started this year goes through three major cities: Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo. The runners have the option to choose from two itineraries, 5 miles or 10 miles. Start hour is at 8 PM and both male and female competitors are more than welcomed. The event will be held between 26 and 27 at Av. Infante Dom Henrique, Aterro do Flamengo – Monumento dos Pracinhas. For places to stay, cheaper and best place in Rio de Janeiro.

The Carioquinha Project will reach its 12th edition this year and offers tourist services as well as places right in the city and includes attractions with diverse discounts plus special programming for people that were born or are currently living in the Metropolitan region of Rio. The event will be held through the entire month at various spots across the city.

On June 6th, changing of the Guard at the National Monument in Honor of the Dead in the Second World War will be organized, a ceremony with utmost solemnity. During the entire month of June, the Brazilian Navy will guard the great Monument. The Martial Band of the Naval Fusiliers, United Order Platoon as well as a military parade will be important parts of the ceremonies, besides an exhibition showing naval themes.


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