Rio de Janeiro Hostels

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. Rio is swarmed by tourists all over the world for its relaxed beach atmosphere, breathtaking landscapes, and of course the highly-anticipated Rio de Janeiro Carnaval.

If you want to make your vacation to Rio truly memorable, you can choose from the many Rio hostels that are located all over the city. It is advisable that you book a reservation to one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels months before you make your trip especially during the Carnival season. For beach lovers, you can choose from the Rio hostels located along the beach area. Here, you can wake up with the calming sound of the waves and get yourself soaked in the sun while lying on the sand. You may also opt to explore the historical places of Rio by staying at one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels downtown.

Rio Hostel Ipanema is a terraced beach house that is a mere walking distance from the infamous Posto 9 which is the heart of Rio de Janeiro beach and surf world. The guesthouse, situated in a private road, is a two-floor building with a very cozy ambiance. Tropical plants are planted everywhere to give shade to tired tourists. Hammocks are also placed so that guests can have a relaxing afternoon nap while listening to the calming Bossanova tunes.


Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the biggest even in Brazil. There are many festivities in store for visitors during this colorful and non-stop fun celebration. For your short stint in Rio, you may want to check out the recently inaugurated Bonita Ipanema Hostel. This used to be the old residence of musician Tom Jobim. The staff is very accommodating and friendly.  Bonita Ipanema Hostel offers private single and double rooms and also shared dorms. Private and shared bathrooms are available. The accommodation also has a small swimming pool and a quiet area for relaxation. Aside from the standard facilities available like the bar, game room, library, internet and pool area, the hotel also has a fancy and unique boutique at the front desk where guests can purchase souvenir items for their loved ones.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro during the famous carnival season is a wonderful experience for travelers and the city is a hugely popular celebration so backpackers should ensure booking their Rio de Janeiro hostels in advance.

The sights, sounds and serious partying in the streets make this an event that anyone traveling on a budget can enjoy. To make sure none of the fun is missed.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival takes place over four days, with Carnival Sunday always falling seven weeks before Easter Sunday.

It is believed that Carnival started out as a Roman or Greek pagan festival and was imported to Brazil’s capital city from Italy in the 19th century.

By the early 20th century the decadence of carnival spirit had really taken hold. From the 1930s to the 1950s Carnival evolved into an international event drawing crowds from around the world to witness the balls in Copacabana Palace and Municipal Theater.

These days, televised images of Rio de Janeiro Carnival are projected onto TV screens around the world for millions of people worldwide to enjoy. Backpackers visiting Rio at this time of year can immerse themselves within one of the city’s famous street carnivals, which are not only highly enjoyable but are an amazing free experience.

Neighborhoods throughout Rio will see the most popular Bandas or Blocos, which is an orchestra, leading enthusiastic and flamboyantly-dressed samba dancers through the local streets from late afternoon.

Banda de Ipanema is the traditional warm-up that is performed by drag artists and children with Rio’s South Side Banda. The phenomenal sight is sure to be the highlight in any backpacker’s trip to the city.


Carnival balls and the spectacular Samba parade, described as the greatest show on earth, present the opportunity for music-fuelled hours of dancing. Tickets come at a price though and travelers on a budget may wish to content themselves with watching the events unfold from their Rio de Janeiro hostel.

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Street Markets of Rio de Janeiro

Street Markets of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil boasts one of the most varied productions of fruits and vegetables in the world. Walk through the stalls of the many markets, and admire the displays of colors and appetizing fruits. There are an unbelievable number of choices, and you might want to try everything. Well you can! People say fruits are good for you, so why don’t you expand your culinary horizons and try some of the more exotic ones that you probably have never seen before. Don’t be put off by the sometimes worn appearance of some of the fruits, that’s just the way they look. And you might be surprised by how good they are.

Markets take place all week long and almost everywhere in the city. They usually kick off early in the morning, but prices will go down as the day passes, so stop by around 10 or 11am to get the best deals. Here are a few ideas of what fruits you might want to try. Brazil bananas, whether big or tiny, taste absolutely amazing so even if it’s not the most exotic fruit, you should buy a few. They make for a perfect filling snack. Admire the variety of oranges and limes on display. Other fruits that you will encounter include fruta do conde, carambolas, jaboticabas, passionfruit, acerola and cashews, papayas of different sizes, and mangoes of all types.


Make sure to stop by stalls selling all kinds of herbs, as the aromas are just exhilarating. There is also a wide choice of peppers of all sorts. The bravest will try the malagueta, an extremely hot Brazilian pepper. And if you want to add a little touch of color to your hotel room, don’t leave without a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers.