Carnival in Brazil

Brazil holds a yearly carnival forty-six days before Easter. Christians from all over the world abstain from eating meat and poultry during the days of Lent. This is the Roman Catholic’s way of showing repentance for all the bad deeds they have done. Rio de Janeiro has been known as the Carnival Capital of the World for so many years now. It is also one of the most enthralling artistic events in the world. This is also the reason why people from different countries flock to Brazil every year just to witness and be a part of this one of a kind celebration.

Rio Carnival is an outrageous 4 day celebration that usually takes place in February, the hottest month in the southern hemisphere and the peak of Rio’s blistering summer heat. This carnival does not only provide supreme entertainment for the locals and visitors alike but also showcases the beautiful Brazilian culture. This is a mind-blowing event wherein people can dance, sing, laugh and party hard all day and night.
Months of preparation are given for the Rio Carnival. The festivities begin with the crowning of the Fat King (King Momo) who is presented with a huge gold and silver key by the city’s mayor. The carnival takes over the whole city of Rio, in streets, clubs, bars, squares and other venues. The Samba Parade or the Rio Carnival Parade is the culmination of the whole celebration.
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