To Participate in Rio Parades : Get a Costume

To Participate in Rio Parades : Get a Costume

Each school usually lasts about 60-80 minutes. It consists of several vehicles and sections of around 200 people each where everyone wears a certain costume. A few of these sections are open to everyone so you can buy yourself a costume and participate.

Me and my friends paraded with Alegria da Zona Sul, a second division school with their base in the favelas in Copacabana. Dressed in golden shoes and silky red and white clothes we all met outside the big samba stadium Sambódromo. Standing outside waiting to go in you could feel how everyones expectations were high, a whole year of practice and preparations had been building up to this moment.

Our drum section started, 250 man strong hammering away. We all started to sing the song we had been told to learn. Slowly our parade began and before we knew it we were in the stadium. Singing, dancing and smiling in front of tens of thousands of people we slowly made our way down the long parade street. More than 60 minutes later it was over. It was like an explosion of colour, music and explosion that was over, we went back home to our friends flat in Leblon.


What could I have done better is to learn a bit more about the history and traditions of the carnival parade, especially about the particular school I went with. I don´t think going in the cheaper Grupo de Acesso lessened our experience, I’ve actually heard that you are given much more freedom in these since the bigger schools are so competitive they control you more.

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Christmas Month in Rio De Janeiro

An interesting event is the tribute to the 1910-1930s Carnival in Rio de Janeiro as during those periods the Carnival was all about confetti and flower battles. This is the Confetti Battle, Flower Battle and Sea Bathing In Fancy Dresses which will take place on the Copacabana shores. This event will be followed by an antique cars parade, with cars from those times. Furthermore, there will be a presentation of five live Nativity Scenes, which will represent diversity and enriching the presentation. The participants who will be wearing their crepe paper costumes will end the performance by sea bathing in their fancy dresses, a must-see event.

In December, the city of Rio de Janeiro will be filled with lights, decorations and other Christmas-like items. Christmas will be highly celebrated throughout the entire month; streets will be bustling with coming/going of Cariocas that will enjoy their shopping. The lovely decorations and colored lights on the Flamengo Aterro, the lights along the beautiful sea fronts, the unique decorations on the shopping malls will surely attract not only children but also tourists from all over the world that chose Rio as their vacation.

New Year is considered the second largest event in Rio de Janeiro’s tourist calendar, after the famous Carnival. The 2009 celebration will gather together millions and millions of people along the Copacabana beachfront, almost all of them wearing white, to watch the incredible fireworks show that will welcome 2010. The shows for this celebration will be from a varied repertoire – MPB (Brazilian Popular School), samba schools, samba DJ’ and many more, all of them spread through the entire city: Copacabana, Flamengo, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca, Ilha do Governador, Penha, Sepetiba, Pedra de Guaratiba, Paquetá and Parque da Vizinhança de Ramos. In addition, parties will be held at various hotels situated along the seafront:


Hotel Copacabana Palace – the New Year’s Eve party will take place in Nobre, Golden and sea-view rooms starting from 8 pm. The famous chef Francesco Carli will prepare the food to the delight of the participants who will also enjoy good drinks, live music and many more. The fireworks display will be enjoyed from the verandah of the Nobre Room, with a unique view of the exquisite Copacabana Beach. Rio Carnaval $10 Night is a cheap place to stay.
Windsor Excelsior – the fireworks show will be viewed from the rooftop of the building where participants will have the opportunity to taste a 12-year-old whisky.

Hotel Porto Bay Rio Internacional – will offer various classy options to celebrate the incoming year. In the Events Room, on the fourth floor of the popular La Finestra Restaurant as well as on the fifth floor, a special and hopefully delicious dinner will be served. Various clubs from Rio de Janeiro like Marimbás, Costa Brava and Hípica will organize special New Year’s Eve parties for tourists and local inhabitants to enjoy. All things considered, visiting Rio de Janeiro this month is a great solution to kick back, relax and forget about all problems as Rio is the place to party, not only in December but through the entire year. Well, have al look in Rio Carnival Where to Stay Hostel

Brazilian Beaches

If you are looking for a place that is sunny and warm then you should head over to Brazil where the world’s most beautiful beaches lies. Enjoy the white sand, crystal clear water, palm trees topped with a cool sea breeze that Brazil offers. You can visit Brazil’s famous beaches anytime of the year.

Landing on Brazil is like visiting a number of different countries. Brazil is a continent by itself which boasts various cultures, languages, history, architecture, gastronomy and many more. When you mention Brazil, the first thing that will come to someone’s mind is the awesome long stretch of white sand beaches. Fortaleza is a good starting point if you come from the north. This tropical paradise has been the inspiration of several books of well known Brazilian romance stories.

Here you will find two of the most popular beaches in Brazil which are the Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada. Spectacular sunsets and rich historical background awaits you here. Natal, which ia a few kilometers away, is also home to several beaches and has been a favorite spot of honeymooners recently. If you want to get closer to marine animals, then you should check out Praia de Pipa which is famous for its amazing turquoise colored sea and is frequented by turtles and dolphins.


When planning on a trip to Brazil, it is best to book accommodations beforehand. Rio de Janeiro hostels offer a temporary home for you and your adventure-seeking friends. Albergue ipanema Rio de Janeiro is located in a serene residential location. This is the perfect getaway for you and your friends since it is situated three blocks away from the famous Ipanema beach and sitted next to the hippest bars and nightlife of Rio.

Another hostel in Rio is the quaint Lighthouse Hostel which is owned and operated by a Brazilian and a New Zealander. It is located within Ipanema and a good three blocks away from the beach. They also offer city tours, boat tours, favela tours and Tijuca forest tours. Their pretty rooms are equipped with cable TV and a DVD player. They also have a 24 hour cab service that will take you anywhere you want to go anytime you please.