Rio de Janeiro Weather

One of the best things about Rio de Janeiro is that this city is very temperate all year round. It can get really hot during the summer months though the humidity is not that high. The temperature in Rio de Janeiro during winter is tolerable, which makes it an ideal vacation getaway all year long.

Summer is Rio usually starts in November and ends around March. The hottest months are typically during November and January with temperatures going over 104° F. Rain falls occasionally during this period, mostly scattered afternoon rain showers.

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its heat, beaches, bikini clad women, the pulsing rhythm of Samba and the colorful Carnaval. For the American people, the seasons in Rio de Janeiro are reversed. Winter in America is summer in Brazil. This is one of the main reasons why Americans flock to Rio during the Holidays to trade their heavy jackets and mittens to board shorts and bikinis.


Summers in Rio are ironically also the wettest time of the year. However, this pass through rather quickly leaving a lovely beach weather with bright blue sky perfect for Carnival season come February. November is one of the best months to plan a visit to Rio de Janeiro to escape the cold American weather. This is the time when Rio is not that crowded ideal if you want to have a peaceful and relaxing getaway. However, if you want to party and meet lots of new people, February in Rio is the best time to go. This is when the extravagant Carnaval takes place and of course days of non-stop partying.

The most important thing that you must remember is to book your accommodations beforehand. Hotels get a little packed especially during Carnival season. There are many Rio de Janeiro hostels that offers very affordable yet comfortable rooms perfect for those who are on a tight budget. You might also like to arrange tours by asking the front desk at your Rio hostel for details. There are a lot of beautiful spots you can visit while in Rio. The best thing about booking a hostel in Rio is that you don’t have to go too far to see these wonderful places.

Cheap Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

When traveling to Rio de Janeiro, there are various Rio hostels that can accommodate you. The El Misti Hostel in Rio offers a very relaxing time to its customers. It is located in the Barrio of Botafogo which is hidden away from the tourists but is quite near to everything. This Rio hostel is surrounded by the restaurants, bars, kids playing ball in the alleys and old men playing with their cards. The Brazilian atmosphere is evident in this local area. The famous waves of the Copacobana are a mere 5 minute away which you can easily reach by riding the metro or buses. Aside from their private rooms, they also offer dorm type rooms, perfect for group of friends.

Another great hostel in Rio is the quaint Beach Backpackers hostel. They cater to the budget traveler and provide a clean, comfortable and secure accommodation. They have very reasonable prices and offers free breakfast meals, lockers, bed linens, towels and free wifi internet. Accommodating and friendly staff operates the 24-hour reception to entertain all your queries and brief you about the local area. They have a spacious living room wherein guests can lounge on the cozy couches while watching on the flat screen satellite TV. They also have a wide array of DVD selection, PlayStation 2, some books to read and board games for the young kids.


Beach Backpackers hostel in Rio also has a kitchen equipped with two large fridges wherein guests can store their food. Their private courtyard garden is fantastic place to chill out and relax with a warm cup of coffee in the morning or a bottle of cold beer before going to bed. They have regular barbeque nights for guests so they can mingle and interact with other tourists as well. Tours are also offered by this Rio de Janeiro hostel which includes the Sugarloaf, Marcana Stadium, Christ Statue, Botanical Garden, Santa Tereza Stairs and Lapa, the home of the most famous bohemian neighborhood. Just make sure to go to Lava on a Friday so you can be a part of their fun street party. You can choose from their private rooms or dormitory rooms.