Hot Spots in Brazil

Hot Spots in Brazil

Brazil is a country that has all this and much more for its visitors. The culture of the people of Brazil is very diverse with many influences. Brazil is the 5th largest country of the world and it has some of the most famous attractions for visitors from all over the world. Brazil has something to offer for everyone! Here is a look at 2 of the most famous places that Brazil has to offer.

Sao Paulo:

It is the largest city of Brazil with a total area of 588 sq mi and the most populous city in the Southern Hemisphere with a population of 11,150,249. It is also the richest state of Brazil. The city of Sao Paulo comprises of 31 boroughs also known as sub-prefectures. Sao Paulo is the most ethnically diverse city in the whole of Brazil. Sao Paulo has a multi-ethnic society with a mix of people of different elasticities. There are many places to visit in this city such as the Sao Paulo Art Museum, that has the works of Italian painters like Andrea Mantegna, Rafael, Botticceli and Bellin and Flemish painters such as Rembrandt, Cranach, Frans Hals, and Memling. The Jaragua State Park that covers an area of about 5 thousand hectares is one of the last remaining spots of Atlantic forest vegetation in the urban areas of the Sao Paulo city. It is also the highest point of the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. The Se’s Cathedral is one of the 5 largest Gothic-style churches in the world.


Rio de Janeiro:

Rio de Janeiro also known as the “River of January” is one of the most famous places in Brazil. It is the 2nd largest city of Brazil with a total area of 486.5 sq mi and the 3rd largest metropolitan city in South America. A tourist has lots of things to look forward to while in Rio de Janeiro. There is lot to discover while out here, from the glorious music and celebrations to the natural beautiful surroundings. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its Carnival celebrations, its natural settings, hotel-lined tourist beaches and samba and other music. Rio de Janeiro has 2 of the biggest forests of the world – Tijuca Forest and Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca. The Copacabana area on the Southern zone of Rio de Janeiro is most famous for its beach. This place is a hot spot especially during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Some of the other famous landmarks in this marvelous city Rio de Janeiro are the giant statue of Jesus, which is known as Christ the Redeemer which is also included in the New Seven Wonders of the World, Sugarloaf mountain that has cable cars, Maracana stadium which one of the world’s largest stadiums and the Sambodromo. If you like to party and party even harder, then this is the right place to visit. The party is never over at Rio de Janeiro.

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Typical Carnival Expenses

Brazil Carnaval is the biggest party in the world. This is the much-awaited event in Brazil and is attended by many people from all over the world. This festive event lasts for four whole days, forty days before Easter. This is when people don their extravagant and colorful costumes as they parade in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

To ensure a hassle-free vacation to Brazil, you should book your accommodations in advance. Rio hostels get packed during the Carnival season so it is best to make proper arrangements months before your scheduled trip. You can choose from the many Rio de Janeiro hostels that are situated all over the city. Keep in mind though that during the Carnival season, the rates are higher than the usual. The ticket to the Carnival Parade fetches for about a few hundred dollars.

During the Carnaval, most hotels have minimum stays during the Carnaval. Usually it is four to five nights. So even if you plan to stay for a fewer nights, you will still be charged for a four or five night package. Rio de Janeiro hostels, on the other hand, are a lot more affordable. They offer outstanding service with comfortable rooms and pretty ambiance. If a tight budget is your biggest concern, the El Misti Hostel Copacabana is the place for you. It is located at the heart of Rio de Janeiro, just three blocks away from the famous beach. This Rio Hostel is surrounded by bars, restaurants and clubs. They also have dormitories and private rooms which includes free breakfast meals. A bed is priced for about $15.75, ideal for backpackers who are in a budget.

There is also another great hostel in Rio called the Brother’s Hostel. It is a mere 3 minute away from the magnificent Botafogo Beach and 5 minutes from Parque do Flamengo which is a good place for jogging and some light exercises, perfect for health buffs. It is only five minutes by car going to Sambodromo where the dazzling Samba performances and parade of samba schools are held. You may also opt to celebrate in one of the Carnival Blocs where you can dance your hearts out and meet new people. You will be charged $26.48 for a bed.


Whatever Rio hostel you choose, it is pretty sure that you will end up having the best time of your life.