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Welcome to One Love (albergues Rio de Janeiro), your resource for finding useful information on Rio de Janeiro. There are plenty of great things to see and do in the Marvelous City, in price ranges to suit almost all budgets.  The cost of food, accommodation and entertainment is highest near the beaches in Ipanema and Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro’s most famous neighborhoods. In other areas like Botafogo, Santa Teresa, and Centro, you can expect to spend much less on the same things.  The distance from the outskirts of the city to the beach can be about 10 minutes. Most of the time you will be a 5 minute walk to the supermarket, ATM, bank, Metro station or bus stop that can take you anywhere in the city.

There are many things to do in Rio de Janeiro. First of all there are famous beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema. Post nine is where many tourists flock. It is a popular destination in Ipanema where you can rent a beach chair and an umbrella, and buy beer, soda, and other drinks like fresh coconut juice. On the beach you will find plenty of locals and tourists alike, playing volleyball and fresco ball and soccer. The waves are often good enough to surf or boogie board, but you will also find many people just sitting in their chairs or on their towels. Atlantic Avenue which is the road at the end of the beach, is a thoroughfare for joggers and bikers, who have wide sidewalks to themselves and their own bike lanes to use. It is easy to get around because there are vans and buses that will take you to any spot on the beach you want for a mere one dollar. There are also countless places to find a quick snack or drink of fresh blended juice for very cheap in the city.

The city is gearing up for the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Summer games in 2016. New subway lines and stops are being built as we speak, and the city is working to clean up and be a safe place for tourists and locals alike. Rio hostelsare the ideal accommodation type for travelers on a budget. Backpackers who are on long-term trips can save a considerable amount of money by staying in one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels, especially for Carnaval. Hotel rooms can cost as much as $200 a night compared to a hostel which can cost as little as $10 a night. If you’re willing to sacrifice some of the comforts and privacy that hotel rooms offer, hostels can be right for you. Almost all Rio de Janeiro hostels have dorm rooms, 4-bed rooms, private double rooms and both ends we had shared bathroom. In your typical Rio hostile, you will find a common area, shared kitchen, free for all guests to use, and computers to use the Internet. Free WiFi is becoming increasingly popular as many travelers come with their laptop.

If you’re staying at one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels downtown, you’ll find that there are many historic buildings which will catch your eye. Most hostels in Rio de Janeiro have many planned activities that you can take advantage of. For instance, you can take an all-inclusive tour of the city including the Christ statue and Sugarloaf. Other notable sites include the Selaron Steps, which is a long staircase that a local artist covered in tiles. This staircase has been seen in music videos, commercials, and magazine ads across the world. The botanical gardens in the city are also very beautiful and only cost the equivalent of three US dollars. In the lake in the city, you can rent a paddle boat as late as one in the morning.

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If you are the partying type, there are Favela funk parties and all night boat parties that you can attend as well. The party doesn’t stop until four in the morning so if you’re not used to this late night schedule, make sure to take an afternoon nap to get your rest in before dressing up in your cheap vintage clothing and hitting the town. Be sure to sample the national drink, the Caipirinha, which they probably sell at the bar and your Rio Hostel. If not, you’ll be sure to find one at any bar in the city. The beers of choice in Rio are Skol and Brahma as well as Antarctica. As any local will tell you, Brazilians love to drink, they love to eat, they love to dance, and above all else, they love football. You can take an organized trip, including van transportation to watch a soccer match at the world famous stadium Maracana. Just ask the front desk at your Rio hostel for details.

If you want to stay in the city at a reasonable price, one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels might be right for you. Many of these hostels have a cozy ambiance and some even have full bars. Almost all Rio Hostels offer 7-day Carnival packages, and some are fully booked as early as September of the previous year. You can also book one of our Carnival apartments, which offer much more privacy. So, ensure you have a bed during Carnival at one of the hostels in Rio de Janeiro by planning now! If you’re thinking about staying in one of the many Rio de Janeiro hostels, take the time to do some research and find the best one for you. Whether you want to stay close to the beach, near the Christ the Redeemer statue, or away from all the hustle and bustle, there should be a Rio de Janeiro hostel that’s right for you.  With the money saved by staying at one of the Rio de Janeiro hostels, you can use that extra cash on a nice dinner at one of the unlimited meat buffets called Churrascarias. There are many side trips to which you can take which are all possible to schedule through your Rio de Janeiro hostel. Places like Buzios and Ilha Grande are less than a nine hour bus ride away, and are known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many Rio hostels also offer long-term discounts if you stay for a week or more. Just ask the front desk for details and maybe you can even do a work exchange where you work in exchange for a free room. We hope you find the right Rio hostel for you. Best of luck in your search. Boa sorte!

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